Monday, August 30, 2010

Collecting History

So I am feeling compelled to collect as much history as I can to give to my daughter when she is older. I would love to get a newspaper from the day she was born and put it away for her. I even kept the surgical mask and head cover I was wearing from her delivery, just so I can show her what I was wearing when she was born.

My parents and grandmother were here the other day visiting and they told me that they had purchased silver coin proof sets from the year I was born and put them away for me. I had never seen them or even known they were there. Finding out about them got me thinking about putting together a little coin collection for Elizabeth.

I have never had any interest in collecting coins before but I feel oddly compelled to grab as many coins as I can and put them away. Sure there is the possibility of the coins being worth something one day or even that there is already value to them. What I really want to do is have them so she can see what coins used to be like. On a whim I grabbed a coin folder to collect the state quarter series. If nothing else this could be a good way to help her learn the states when she is old enough.

Another thing I want to do is figure out as much of my family’s ancestry as possible. I have worked on this off and on over the years. I really want to go as far back as I can go. I’d love to know where my family came from, and obtain a family crest if there is one, and just learn as much as I can.

I already keep a journal for myself about things going on in my life so if those survive time, Elizabeth will be able to read that and learn more things about me anyway.

I want to collect her life as well. I want pictures of everything she does. I no longer have a digital camera, so I am saving up to get a nice digital SLR. Until I can get the new camera I’m stuck using the camera on my phone.

Does anyone out there have any ideas about good things to collect for your kids? Also, is this strong feeling to collect history normal for dads to feel, and do?


  1. I just had a really similar converstation with my friends Dad about what he collecting for his grandkids. He has two full 56 quarter collectible sets (DC and 5 territories!). he put one full set in one container and the other full set is divided up by the years they came up. I thought that was a pretty cool thing to give a child. Just make sure the folder you got has the extra 6 slots!

  2. Yea, It does have the extra spots. The guy I bought it from said to get that one vs the one that does not have DC and the territories.

  3. Collecting things and wanting to keep them for your kids is great and natural. Problem comes when you try to keep everything and you end up with huge storage trunks of everything from your favorite outfit of theirs at each age that you just couldn't bear to part with to scribbles they do when they stop eating the crayons long enough to use them... So go ahead and do the collecting thing (I recommend pictures as the best collectible) and you can sort out what really has importance later down the road when you're trying to make room for the here and now stuff. It's easier to sort with time as an emotional eraser. Just my two cents! :o)

  4. My mom has the newspaper from the day that I was born, and a couple of other things from my childhood put away in a cedar chest. I think its a natural impulse to save that stuff to show them or give them when they're older.

  5. We have a box for Lexi...something from each year goes into it...right now theres not a lot...but another thing to do would be to write a letter on her birthday every year and put it in the about the last year and what she accomplishes...whatever it is...walking talking straight A's new friends starting Pre-K and then when shes older you can give it to her and she can read all the letters at once...also a separate letter for big occasions...16th bday, graduation(s) wedding etc...just a did that for Lexi