Monday, September 27, 2010

The Due Date Arrives

Today is Elizabeth's official due date.  I'm excited today about this because even though she is already 7 weeks old, she has finally reached 40 weeks gestational age.
I have been planning for today for a long time.  Alarms are going off on my calendars, I'm getting messages from friends who had today marked on their calendars.  I can't wait to get home and spend the rest of the day with my little overlord.

She has already grown and changed so much.  It's hard to believe how much she has changed.  She seems twice as big as she was when she was born.  Her hair is longer, and she has already grown out of some of her preemie clothing.  We switched her to newborn diapers a little while ago.  I know she can see more clearly and things that are a little bit farther away, because she reacts to her mobile, and follows it.  She can follow my movement around the room.  she is much stronger than I expected too.  She turns her head and lifts it to see things.  She pushes against me to move herself across the floor.  My parents, who are seeing Elizabeth once a week, are amazed at how different she looks from one visit to the next.  

This is a really exciting time.  I feel like we are out of the woods a little bit.  Elizabeth's birth, and the problems my wife had were really stressful and scary. Not knowing what crazy thing was going to happen next, when you are constantly expecting the other shoe to drop.  I really have no idea what is ahead of us, and I don't expect the craziness to stop, but I'm happy to have things starting to fall into the realm of normal. 

So Happy Due Date Elizabeth! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Catching Up

I'm sorry I have not blogged anything is a little while.  Everything is fine, for those of you who have asked.  Things at work have not been going as expected, and unfortunately I'm having to take on some extra work to deal with it.  No big deal, just annoying.

I'm looking forward to spending some time with the wife and little overlord this weekend.  I'm hoping I can play with the camera some and edit some other photos I have already taken. 

The little overlord is a little more fussy than she has been recently, but we think this is due to the change in her formula.  We have just stopped using Similac do to the recall on certain products.  You can read more about the recall here.  I think the Enfamil formula is a little bit richer and it has an adverse effect on Elizabeth's tummy.  It could just be that she needs some time to adjust. 

Other than that things are going great.  I hope to get back on the blog train next week.  See you then

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleep is for the Weak

The Little Overlord is still fighting reflux.  Oddly enough the only time she has a problem sleeping, due to reflux is when my wife and I are trying to sleep.  She does great during the day and through most of the evening, it just that pesky time frame between 1:00 am and 7:00 am.  When I put her back in the bed after her 7:00 am feeding she seems to do fine.  My wife says she does fine all day while I'm at work.  Most of the time that is. 

I wish there were something else I could do. She seems to be in a lot of pain at night when she is not completely upright.  We keep her sleeping on an incline to keep her as upright as possible.  When we pick her up and hold her upright she does great and usually goes right to sleep, unless she is hungry or needs to have her diaper changed. 

She had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and now Elizabeth is using Simply Thick to make her formula a little bit heavier so that it does not spit it up as much.  I have already noticed a difference with this.  There is still some spit up but it is much less.   Also we are hoping the new medicine that they gave us last week kicks in soon.  We have been told it may take a week or two to really take effect.

The good news is that the Little Overlord is growing and gaining weight.  She is now 18 inches long, and weighs 4 lbs 15 ounces. YAY!  With exception to the reflux and the side effects of the reflux she is doing fantastic.

The Little Overlord said if we continued to care for her the way we have been, she would let us take her out to a festival this weekend.  Some sunlight would do us all some good.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Father 100 Project

For Fatherhood Friday I have decided to try my hand at the Father 100 Project. This is a little challenge brought to us by Dad at the Chalkboard The concept is to write no more than a 100 word response based on the word selected. This weeks word is:

I’m home from a long stressful day at work. My wife is in the kitchen making dinner, and my little girl is asleep in her swing. I’m tired, and frustrated, and hoping that we all get some rest tonight. A baby with reflux is hard on everyone. I drag myself to the bedroom to change my clothes. Sitting on the bed, I don’t want to move. I hear her stir in the other room and I go to pick her up. I lift her up and she smiles at me. I laugh because everything is perfect. Nothing else matters.

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Thanks for reading,
Big Daddy Ben

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WW # 2

I know it’s wordless Wednesday, but here are some words if you feel like reading.
Our new camera, a Pentax K-X was delivered yesterday, and of course I was camera happy and took lots of photo’s.  I’m really excited to start taking some great pictures of Elizabeth to share so why not start with another Wordless Wednesday.  
I know I have lots to learn about photography, the camera, and editing.  It should be lots of fun. The above shot was taken in dummy mode.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Restless Night/ Family Visit

Friday night and last night Elizabeth had really rough nights sleeping. It seemed like every time we put her down she would wake up screaming only a few minutes later. Clean diaper, just ate, all of her medicines for reflux and gas were taken, so we have no clue why she was having problems sleeping, or why she was so upset.

Finally she settled down for about an hour after one of her feedings and I was able to go to sleep. But after an hour she was up and screaming again. Amy got up this time to take care of her and I crashed. My body was done after having been up for too long. I literally just shut down and slept. I woke up to find Amy asleep on the couch with Elizabeth asleep in her swing.

We both just hope that tonight is better than last night, since I will be going to work in the morning.

In more positive news, some family took advantage of the long weekend and came to visit Lizzie from out of town. It was really cool for me to see my cousins hold Lizzie. I got to hold them when they were born, and these are the two youngest cousins I have. It was also the first time any of that part of the family has seen our new home.

We only see the out of town family once or twice a year, so it is always great to spend some time with them.

Hopefully we will get to see them again soon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Letting Mom Rest

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs
So since I have gone back to work my wife has been taking care of the Little Overlord all day and all night.  Going back to work has been a little bit of a pain, but not too bad.  I just find it hard to focus and do everything I need to do.  I would rather be home.  But it does make the time at home higher quality.

So mom is taking on most of the regular baby care stuff now that I have gone back to work.  I was able to go a few days without sleep when the baby was born and when mom was readmitted, but there is no way I could keep the schedule she is keeping now for more than a day or so.

In an attempt to help mom get some rest, and to spend some quality time with little one I have been trying to handle one feeding before I go to work in the morning.  This lets mom get more than an hour or so of straight sleep.  Also at night I rush home so mom can crash again before having to take over again when I go to bed. 

At night, if mom has crashed, and the little one wakes up for some reason,  I do try to get up take care of whatever needs to be done, but mom is a little faster to get up than I am.

I'm hoping that on the weekends I can really let her get some rest. I'm used to keeping really late hours on the weekends so I think I will really be able to let mom take a break here.

I just don't want her to feel like she has to do everything on her own. 

On a side note, we have ordered a new DSLR camera.  A Pentax K-X.  It was supposed to be here today, but it's looking like that is not going to happen. Hopefully we will sharing all sorts of pictures soon.

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