Friday, September 10, 2010

The Father 100 Project

For Fatherhood Friday I have decided to try my hand at the Father 100 Project. This is a little challenge brought to us by Dad at the Chalkboard The concept is to write no more than a 100 word response based on the word selected. This weeks word is:

I’m home from a long stressful day at work. My wife is in the kitchen making dinner, and my little girl is asleep in her swing. I’m tired, and frustrated, and hoping that we all get some rest tonight. A baby with reflux is hard on everyone. I drag myself to the bedroom to change my clothes. Sitting on the bed, I don’t want to move. I hear her stir in the other room and I go to pick her up. I lift her up and she smiles at me. I laugh because everything is perfect. Nothing else matters.

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Thanks for reading,
Big Daddy Ben


  1. nothing else matters. great job!

  2. It is amazing how they can heal a broken day. Thanks for joining us at The Father 100!!!