Friday, September 3, 2010

Letting Mom Rest

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So since I have gone back to work my wife has been taking care of the Little Overlord all day and all night.  Going back to work has been a little bit of a pain, but not too bad.  I just find it hard to focus and do everything I need to do.  I would rather be home.  But it does make the time at home higher quality.

So mom is taking on most of the regular baby care stuff now that I have gone back to work.  I was able to go a few days without sleep when the baby was born and when mom was readmitted, but there is no way I could keep the schedule she is keeping now for more than a day or so.

In an attempt to help mom get some rest, and to spend some quality time with little one I have been trying to handle one feeding before I go to work in the morning.  This lets mom get more than an hour or so of straight sleep.  Also at night I rush home so mom can crash again before having to take over again when I go to bed. 

At night, if mom has crashed, and the little one wakes up for some reason,  I do try to get up take care of whatever needs to be done, but mom is a little faster to get up than I am.

I'm hoping that on the weekends I can really let her get some rest. I'm used to keeping really late hours on the weekends so I think I will really be able to let mom take a break here.

I just don't want her to feel like she has to do everything on her own. 

On a side note, we have ordered a new DSLR camera.  A Pentax K-X.  It was supposed to be here today, but it's looking like that is not going to happen. Hopefully we will sharing all sorts of pictures soon.

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  1. Ben, it sounds like you're doing a lovely balancing act! It may not feel like it, but I can tell you from someone who's gone through this 3 times, you are doing a wonderful job & being ever so considerate of Amy, which I'm sure she appreciates ;) Keep up the good work & hang in will get easier!

  2. your wife will really appreciate all your help i'm sure! looking forward to the pictures!