Monday, September 6, 2010

Restless Night/ Family Visit

Friday night and last night Elizabeth had really rough nights sleeping. It seemed like every time we put her down she would wake up screaming only a few minutes later. Clean diaper, just ate, all of her medicines for reflux and gas were taken, so we have no clue why she was having problems sleeping, or why she was so upset.

Finally she settled down for about an hour after one of her feedings and I was able to go to sleep. But after an hour she was up and screaming again. Amy got up this time to take care of her and I crashed. My body was done after having been up for too long. I literally just shut down and slept. I woke up to find Amy asleep on the couch with Elizabeth asleep in her swing.

We both just hope that tonight is better than last night, since I will be going to work in the morning.

In more positive news, some family took advantage of the long weekend and came to visit Lizzie from out of town. It was really cool for me to see my cousins hold Lizzie. I got to hold them when they were born, and these are the two youngest cousins I have. It was also the first time any of that part of the family has seen our new home.

We only see the out of town family once or twice a year, so it is always great to spend some time with them.

Hopefully we will get to see them again soon.


  1. How old is Lizzie now? She could be having a growth spurt ( or colic. Also reports of dairy sensitivity from mom's diet have produced similar symptoms:

    And if all else here are some things to try in case you haven't already thought of them (I know it's for fussy babies not very upset/screaming babies but it might help):

    Hope that's not too much info. :)

  2. She was 1 month old yesterday. I had not thought about the growth spurt. Amy and I will check out those links. :)

  3. I would have to vote for the colic. There's kind of a 6 rule that I was told about, and Allie totally lived it. Its: About 6 pm at night, Starting about 6 weeks and lasting about 6 months.

    If that's it.. I HIGHLY recommend investing in 2 hot water bottles that you can cover. Lay one on your chest that is Barely warm, Lay her on it, and then one on her back that is slightly warmer.

    It was a little hard at first because Allie was screaming and wiggily, but after she got used to it, it calmed her pretty quick after. (granted not every night.. but it would eventually kind of force her to chill the same way a heating pad would for our backs ;))

    I HOPE ITS NOT COLIC.. its miserable for everyone :( Either way, I hope she feels better soon so you guys can get some rest! At least you two are able to tag team it.. Doing it single parent style SUCKED! :)

    PS.. I actually think the colic is why Allie goes to bed so well on her own now.. it became very ritualed for us after I figured out what was going on.. Now she tells me when she's ready for bed, (gen about 730 - 8) and if I have to tell her to go to bed, she does so without issues, so long as we follow the routine